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Jan 6th, 2025 – Feb 21st, 2025

1st – 2nd Grade Boys

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  • $195 – Includes Nike Jersey
  • 1 Game Weekly
  • 1 Training Session Weekly
  • 8 Players Per Team
  • 9.5′ Rim
  • Weekly Award Nominations
  • No Parent Coaches
  • Free Game Photos
  • Free Live Stream
  • Free Game Film

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League Rules & Format

Game Format

jr.TV80 seasons run 5-7 weeks in length which includes one week of evaluations, regular season games, and a single elimination post-season tournament. Teams play every Friday night at HSB Academy Court in Meridian. Halves are 16 minutes running clock with the exception of the last 2 minutes of the half.  Games are played on a 9 hoop with a 35-second shot clock, and players get 6 fouls.

Weekly Skill Sessions

All jr.TV80 teams and players will participate in one Weekly Skill Session.  These sessions will run one hour and are geared towards developing strong foundations, building confidence, and improving every players understanding of  the game.  Actual days and times of these sessions will be determined following the team selection process.  Please note these sessions will be held at either HSB Academy Court and Capital Church in Meridian.  

Player Evaluation Sessions

Although players are NOT required to tryout, we do hold Player Evaluation Sessions the first week of every season to help with team selection. All players will be evaluated based on their fundamental basketball skills and knowledge of the game. These evaluations will be used solely for the purposes of team selection. Player information will be not be shared with any outside parties.


Still have questions?  We’ve got you covered.  Navigate these F.A.Q’s or utilize our Ask A Question tab to get the answers and the information you need. 

How is the jr.tv80 different?

As promoted, the jr.TV80 is the Treasure Valley’s first and only premier youth basketball league.  Unlike other leagues the TV80 offers superior coaching, world-class training and instruction, live stats, small team size, and most unique of all jr.TV80 games are played with a 35-second shot clock.

Do You Have to tryout?

NO!  Although players are NOT required to tryout, participants are required to attend an evaluation sessions.  Evaluation Sessions give our coaching staff an initial opportunity to evaluate players based on their fundamental basketball skills and knowledge of the game. These sessions are used solely for the purposes of jr.TV80 team selection and player information is never shared with any outside parties.

Can Friends Or Siblings Play On THe Same Team?

Although it is possible and we will do our best to accommodate, we cannot make any guarantees.  Please send all requests to or text us at (208) 675-9350. 

Do You Use Parent Or Volunteer Coaches?

No!  jr.TV80 coaches are paid professionals not volunteers.  The majority of our staff is comprised of former NBA, NBADL, CBA, International, and NCAA players and coaches.  

How Many Players Are On A Team?

To ensure quality and development, no more than 8 players can be on any given jr.TV80 team.

Do Players Get Equal Playing Time?

Although all 8 players must play and coaches are encouraged to sub throughout the game, playing time is NOT equal.  This is a competitive basketball league and truly equal playing time contradicts our fundamental beliefs and values.

Are Discounts Or Scholarships Available?

Discounts and scholarships will be available to those in need. To seek financial aid, please download and return one of our 2024 H4K Scholarship App.

When And Where Are Practices Held?

jr.TV80 teams have one training session weekly. Training Sessions will be held at either HSB Academy Court or Capital Church in Meridian. Actual days and times will be determined following the team selection process.  

What Is Your Cancellation Policy?

Cancellations of any kind and for any reason will be refunded as a future credit. Credit is valid for any TV80 or jr.TV80 session offered within one year of the date of original purchase and is transferable to any family member or friend.


Yes! There is a small admission fee for spectator entry to all TV80 and jr.TV80 games.  Admission fees are $5 for General Admission, $4 for Seniors, and children 5 and under are FREE (Cash Only).  TV80 & jr.TV80 Players are not charged for admission and all proceeds go to benefit the Hoops 4 Kids Scholarship Fund. 

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