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Below you will find the most Frequently Asked Questions and details about the TV80 & jr.TV80. If you are unable to find what you are looking for, please scroll down and fill out the Message Us Form or call us directly at (208) 720-1904.

When And Where Are Practices Held?

Practices are held at either HSB Academy Court (1455 S. Country Terrace Way) or Capital Church in Meridian (2760 E. Fairview Ave) in Meridian.  Actual days and times can be found at the top of your season schedule.  

Do Teams Practice Together

Yes – although it doesn’t always happen, two teams can and do practice together.  We do this to ensure that there will always be at least 10-12 players at a given practice.    

How Long Is Each TV80 Practice?

Practices run one hour a week and are held on weeknights between 5pm & 8pm.  There are never any Thursday or Friday practices.

How Many Days A Week Does Each Team Practice?

Each TV80 team has ONE practice session weekly.  

Do Players get Equal Playing Time?

No!  Although all 8 players must play and coaches are encouraged to sub frequently, playing time is NOT equal.  This is a competitive basketball league and providing equal playing time to all contradicts our core beliefs and values.

How Long Is Each Game?

Each TV80 Game consists of four 8 minute quarters (running clock) with the exception of timeouts or the last 2 minutes of the 2nd and 4th quarter.  Our jr.TV80 games consist of two 16 minute running halves with the clock only stopping during timeouts or the last minute of the second half.  All leagues utilize a 35-second shot clock and players get 6 personal fouls. 

Can You Play Zone Defense?

In certain leagues yes.  For grades 7th-12th, teams may play all forms of defense including zone.  There is no illegal defense in these league.  For our younger leagues (grades 6th and under) teams may ONLY play man-to-man defense.  Any form of zone whatsoever will be considered to be “illegal defense”.

What Does Illegal Defense Mean?

On occoasion you will hear or see an illegal defense call in one of our younger leagues (6th grade and below).  To avoid any confusion, the term “illegal defense” does not mean you cannot trap, press, or double team.  It also does not mean players cannot be in a legal help position.  It simply means that EVERYONE must be guarding a man or be attempting to guard a man at ALL times.   Essentially you have to play defense.  

Where Can I Find A Copy Of Your Game Rules?

Right here!  Click these links to downloads pdf’s for each of the following leagues: 2023 jr.TV80 Rules 1st-2nd, 2023 jr.TV80 Rules 3rd-4th, 2023 TV80 Rules 5th-6th, 2023 TV80 Rules 7th-12th

When Do We Get Our Jersey?

Each TV80 & jr.TV80 player recieves a reversible jersey at the beginning of each season.  These jerseys will be distributed to players at their first game.  Please note – currently players recieve ONLY a jersey, not shorts.  You may wear whatever shorts you would like. 

Is there an admission fee for games?

Yes! There is a small admission fee for ALL spectators who attend a TV80 or jr.TV80 game (parents included).  Admission fees are $5 for General Admission, $4 for Seniors, and children 5 and under are FREE (Cash or Venmo Only).  All proceeds go to benefit the Hoops 4 Kids Scholarship Fund.

Do You Offer A Seasons Pass?

Yes – season passes can be purchased at the beginning of the season for a discounted fee and are highly recommended for families with more than one child playing.

How Many Games Does Each Team Play?

Each TV80 team will play a 6 game regular season followed by a double elimination post season tournament.  For the jr.TV80, each teams play 5 regulars season games with a single elimination tournament that follows.  

How Do I Access The Free Live Stream?

As noted – All TV80 & jr.TV80 Games are livestreamed via our Pixellot automated camera system.  Follow these insructions to access this free service compliments of our partners at Intermountain Health – 2023 TV80 Pixellot Watching Instructions

Can I Go Back And Watch Previous Game Film?

Yes – via the Pixellot App, switch from the LIVE to VOD tab, and you will notice all of our previously recorded games available for viewing.  

Why Am I Only Seeing Game Highlights?

The Pixellot App’s VOD system defaults to display only short highlight clips.  If you’d like to view an entire game you will need to change the setting.  You can do this by turning your phone or device sideways and clicking the HD or Pano buttons in the top right corner.  

How Can I Access Game Pictures?

Links to our high resolution games pics and galleries are sent out via text at the conclusion of each game.  You can also access them directly by Clicking Here.  Please note – these photos are available for your free and unlimited downloading compliments of Saltzer Health.

How Do We Access Game Stats?

Like the pictures, Toyota Game Stats are texted out at the end of each game.  You will recieve them via our dedicated text line at (208) 675-9350.  

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