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It’s everything you’ve come to love about the TV80, but now, you can bring your own team. A spin off of the Treasure Valley’s ever popular youth basketball league, TV80 Club Tournaments offer elite boys and girls club programs (5th-8th grade) an opportunity to participate and compete in the most unique playing environment ever produced in Southwest Idaho. Highlights include a 35-second shot clock, detailed player stats, state-of-the-art facilities, and much more.

6TH BOYS – $325

NOV 19TH-20TH, 2021

8TH BOYS – $325

DEC 3RD-4TH, 2021

7TH BOYS – $325

DEC 10TH-11TH, 2021

TV80 Club RULES & FAQ’S? 

Game Format

TV80 Club Tournament Games consist of two 20-minute halves, running clock.  The clock will stop only during the last two-minutes of the second half and during timeouts (4 per game).  Timeouts are 45 seconds each and unused timeouts do not carry over to overtime.  Halftime is three minutes and teams will have 5 minutes to warm-up.  All games feature an Idaho first 35-second shot clock.  


The first overtime is two-minutes (stopped clock) with one additional timeout given to each team. The second overtime period is one-minute (stopped clock) with no additional timeouts.  Third overtime will be first team to 3 points wins.  During the third overtime the shot clock is active but the game clock is not.    

Fouls & Bonus

All players are allowed 6 fouls per game.  A team will be in the bonus after the seventh foul of the half and double bonus after the tenth.  Team fouls reset at the half but carry over during overtime.  Coaches and players will be ejected after receiving their second  technical foul and must immediately leave the building.  

Can The Same Player Play On Multiple Teams?

No, players can only play for one competing organization during the weekend.

Is There A Mercy Rule?

No, there is no mercy rule.  

How Many Coaches Can Be On A Bench During?

Only 2 coaches are allowed on the bench a game per team (must have the appropriate wristband).  Only the designated Head Coach may stand up during the game.

Game Protests?

Game protests must be made known to the Tournament Director immediately upon the conclusion of a game.  

What are the consequences for fighting?

Fighting will not be tolerated.  Any player who is fighting will be immediately ejected for the remainder of the game and based on the severity is subject to dismissal from the entire tournament at the discretion of the Tournament Director.    

How Do You Settle Tie Breakers?

Goes off fo head-to-head first, point differential second, and points allowed third.

Can You Advance The Ball On Timeouts?

Yes – with under a minute left on the clock in the second half or OT, teams / coaches can advance the ball to half court.  This can only be done with a timeout following a made basket or immediately upon rebounding a missed shot.

Do You Have To Wear Certain Colored Uniforms?

A light and dark colored uniform set are required for participation (uniforms not provided). The top team on the schedule will be home (light jersey) and the bottom team will be away (dark jersey).  A technical foul will be issued at the start of the game for any team in violation.

Do You Play With A 5-Second Count?

There is no closely guarded 5-second count rule when the shot clock is in use.  In the event a shot clock is down or not working, then the closely guarded 5-count rule will take effect.

Coaches, Parents, & Fan Behavior?

Coaches and program directors are responsible for the behavior and actions of their parents and spectators.  The Tournament Director reserves the right to issue a bench Technical Foul for any unruly, disrespectful, or unsportsmanlike behavior.

our facilities

Our professional facilities are equipped to handle everything from local camps to regional and national tournaments. 


New – Opened in the Fall of 2020, Foothills Court is a brand new state-of-the-art training and competition venue and HSB’s 3rd Treasure Valley location.  At approximately 6,000 square feet of hardwood court space, the facility plays host to various local and regional camps, clinics, leagues, and tournaments. 

Academy Court

Opened in the fall of 2018, HSB Academy Court is a brand new state of the art NBA training and competition venue, featuring world-class equipment, a 28,000 square foot fitness center, and onsite rehab facilities.  It’s close proximity to the airport, hotels, and entertainment make it an ideal solution for your every need.

H4K Court

Our sister facility opened in the spring of 2019, H4K Court is a state-of-the-art training and competition venue and the official home of our jr.TV80, the regions only premier youth basketball league.

“This league fosters a love for the game more than any club or league we’ve been a part of In This valley the past 5 years.”

Stephanie London

Parent, Boise, ID

“The coaches encouraged and motivated my daughter to bring out the best in herself and her teammates.”

Cindy Higgins

Parent, Nampa, ID

“TV80 staff gave my son a solid foundation encouraging him to work hard, sacrifice, but most importantly to believe in himself “

Amy Van Auker

Parent, Nampa, ID


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HSB jumped onto the scene in October of 2011 as one of America’s premier destinations for player development and basketball skill training.  Located in the heart of Idaho’s Treasure Valley, HSB Academy has trained, mentored, and encouraged more than 60,000 aspiring amateur and professional athletes from around the globe.

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